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The TRUCKBOSS Winch Kit is one of our most popular accessories.   TRUCKBOSS is the only truck deck on the market to offer a WINCH LOADING SYSTEM. Our TBOSS TRAC WINCH SYSTEM allows your winch to slide laterally across the front of the deck for proper alignment of multiple load placements.  The winch is ideal for loading snowmobiles, ATV's, UTV's and improves rider safety when loading.  There are numerous accounts (see You Tube) of loading injuries that can be avoided with winch loading.

The TRUCKBOSS Winch Kit includes the following:

1 - 1 Warrior C3500 XT Winch, Pre-Assembled on a TRUCKBOSS Winch Plate (Includes Mounting Hardware)

2 - 1 Winch Contactor with Wireless Receiver Pre-Assembled on an Aluminum Mounting Plate (Includes Mounting Hardware)

3 - 1 x 4ft. Twisted Eye Sling

4 -  2 x 20 lengths of #6 AWG Wire complete with Ring Terminals (Battery Harness: Positive Red (Marked with Red Tape) and Negative Black)

5 -  2 x 7.5 Lengths of #8 AWG Wire complete with Ring Terminals (Winch Primary Harness: Blue and Yellow)

6 - 1 EWX Wireless Winch Remote / Auxiliary Remote

7 -  Snatch Block

8 -  Extra Handlebar Remote (not required for install)

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Truckboss is manufactured in the USA and Canada